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2024 Calendar Week 9

1.HiPhi Automotive has announced a six-month work stoppage and shutdown On February 18th, following the [...]

2024 Calendar Week 8

1.In January 2024, the month-on-month increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was 0.3% In [...]

2024 Calendar Week 6

1.Apple’s Greater China revenue falls 13%, facing Huawei’s challenge On February 2nd, Apple’s FY2024 Q1 [...]

2024 Calendar Week 5

1.Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) dropped to 2800 points again, and only 200 A-share stocks rose [...]

2024 Calendar Week 4

1.China’s car exports to reach 5.221 million units in 2023, surpassing Japan as top car [...]

2024 Calendar Week 3

1.Huawei is gradually laying off PR staff in North America Despite previously regarding the United [...]

2024 Calendar Week 2

1.Chinese car companies are challenging Tesla’s sales myth On January 2, Tesla announced a record-breaking [...]

2024 Calendar Week 1

1.Xiaomi has launched its first electric vehicle On December 28th, Xiaomi Group hosted the Xiaomi [...]

2023 Calendar Week 52

1.Thailand’s Luckin Coffee is suing China’s Luckin Coffee and seeking 10 billion baht in damages. [...]

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2023 Calendar Week 51

1.China Overtakes U.S. as Global Coffee Shop Leader China has now taken the lead as [...]

2023 Calendar Week 50

1. China’s CPI decreased by 0.5% y-o-y and dropped 0.5% compared to October In November [...]

2023 Calendar Week 49

1.From January to October 2023, Profits of National Large-Scale Industrial Enterprises Decline by 7.8% From [...]

2023 Calendar Week 48

1. China launched a unilateral visa-free initiative for six nations: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, [...]

2023 Calendar Week 47

1. According to the M2 performance, Chinese government will persist with its supportive monetary policy [...]

2023 Calendar Week 46

1. Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC): we will assist Vanke in responding [...]

2023 Calendar Week 45

1.The 6th China International Import Expo will be held in Shanghai from November 5th to [...]

2023 Calendar Week 44

1.From January to September, profits of industrial companies above 20mn revenue fell by 9.0% During [...]

2023 Calendar Week 42/43

1.China releases preliminary GDP results for Q3 2023: 4.9% increase Based on the foundational data [...]

2023 Calendar Week 41

1.US Approves equipment exports to S. Korean chip factories in China The Biden administration has [...]

2023 Calendar Week 40

1.China’s PMI back to growth in September at 50.2, while profits of large-scale industrial companies [...]

2023 Calendar Week 38/39

1.Chinese train tickets were fully sold within a second for National Day holiday This year, [...]

2023 Calendar Week 37

1.       The Munich Motor Show witnessed the emergence of Chinese-made cars On 4th September 2023, [...]

2023 Calendar Week 36

1.HUAWEI’s Mate 60 Pro is back on the market after US sanctions Without any press [...]

2023 Calendar Week 35

BRICS has announced its expansion by inviting six countries to join In a landmark move [...]

2023 Calendar Week 34

1.China holds Key Mortgage Rate steady, stoking market concerns amid property crisis On 21st August, [...]

2023 Calendar Week 33

1.     While China’s trade falls in July, year-to-date figures remains stable In July, China’s imports and [...]

2023 Calendar Week 32

1.Homegrown Luckin Coffee surpassing Starbucks to become the largest coffee house in China Luckin Coffee, [...]

2023 Calendar Week 31

1.     In the first half of 2023, profits of industrial companies above 20mn revenue fell by [...]

2023 Calendar Week 30

1.    Audi and SAIC formulate strategic partnership to fast-track Electrification amid rapid market shift in China [...]

2023 Calendar Week 29

1.    China’s GDP grow by 6.3% in the second quarter and 5.5% in the first half [...]

2023 Calendar Week 28

1.    BYD to invest US$620 million for 3 factories in Brazil, to produce affordable vehicles and [...]

2023 Calender Week 27

Welcome to the very first edition of our Glopen weekly newsletter, that brings you the [...]

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