traveling to china
traveling to china


Your Trusted Partner in China

Glopen is a unique platform that combines content creation with professional consulting, through our content, we present a real China to the world.

Through our consulting, we are your trusted partner in China. We provide consulting services so that people can travel to China smoothly, companies can do business in China smoothly and in the future, we will provide more services as we grow.

We inspire learning, exchange and business

Founded in 2023, “Glopen” is a portmanteau of “global” and “open”, symbolizing a commitment to foster cultural understanding and an open mind.

These are the foundations of our company and we are a unique company based in China that embraces universal values while respecting local cultures. We build trustful partnerships between China and rest of the world.

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China travel advisory

Travel Consulting

Navigating travel plans in a foreign country can be daunting. Completely different language, digital ecosystem, culture and ideology makes China a hidden gem for the travel industry.

Glopen China Travel Advisory provides professional travel services, aimed at easing your experiences related to China. With our unique Glopen Travel program, we alleviate these challenges. We design the perfect itinerary for you, support all logistics , communication, payments, and offer 24/7 online emergency support. This ensures a smooth and memorable journey throughout China, but also helping you to understand the Chinese culture and the ideology. 

So that you can travel with the Peace of Mind and get the most out of it!

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traveling to china

Business Consulting

Our trusted consulting services assist businesses interested in entering or expanding into the Chinese market. We offer market entry analysis, trade show representation, product localization, cultural training and much more, providing you with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive in China. We can assist you in many industries from board games to automotive, from insurance to services.

Unlike traditional business consulting, we not only give you a fish but also teach you how to fish. That is to say, we will help you truly understand China’s business environment, culture, and rules. Furthermore, we will assist you from start to finish in implementing and expanding your projects, and help you find other suitable suppliers and partners along the way.

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china travel Consulting